About us


Lithuanian based quality food and drinks wholesaler. We offer a unique service to our clients with our wide selection of innovative products for most competitive prices.

To provide the fastest service we created a platform allowing our clients to order products at any time. This means that your supplies will always reach you on time and when you need them the most.


Our experienced specialists always traveling and researching different markets in order to bring new products for our clients. As part of our research policy we create recipes and test products before we bring them into the market allowing us to meet client's expectations and their needs.

Whether you want advice or you have special needs please contact us and our experienced staff will bring the solution. 


We supply our products to restaurants, bars and all clients related to food industry. Our aim is to provide fastest supply and innovative products for all food retailers. 

Trust and good relationship between suppliers and our clients allow us to provide top quality products for the most competitive prices. 

Our service is your success. Become successful together here.